About My Social Calendar

Welcome to your Social Calendar online.

This site is designed for our residents living in a Lendlease community.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in a series of activities that will take you on a new journey each month. These activities focus on the mind and body, while exploring the places and culture that surround you and are available to you.

Details about specific times and locations of activities will be communicated through here. Join in on the fun and get on board to explore the boundless activities. If you would like to organise an activity and would like to publish it on here then just contact your Social Calendar Administrator Trish Hyland, who has kindly volunteered to add the event for you and The Grove Ngunnawal’s community.

There is also a private social page just for residents on facebook. By joining the group you will be able to share, collaborate and communicate with your community.  It is  another fun way to keep in touch.
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