ageless grace

Brain and Body Fitness

October 1, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm
$10 casual: $45 for 6 classes
Virginia Cooke
0411 952 598

Fitness for Body & Brain You Can Do In a Chair!

What is Ageless Grace®?

  • simple, FUN exercises for body & brain
  • done seated, so it’s safe & works the core of the body
  • set to music
  • no choreography to learn
  • natural movements aid memory & recall
  • aids fall prevention, flexibility, joints, muscles, energy & imagination
  • based on brain science & functional movements
  • for all ages and most levels of ability

Ageless Grace® was developed by fitness expert and gerentologist Denise Medved.  It is based on the science of neuroplasticity:  the ability of the brain to recreate old, and develop new, neural pathways.

Virginia Cooke has a background in communications and performance arts.  She runs a wellness movement business and is the first Ageless Grace® instructor in the ACT.

Cost:  Your first class is FREE!
$10 casual
$45 for a 6-class card (12 weeks to use, not including holidays or teacher time away)
Fees to be paid directly to Virginia at the class.

Ageless Grace® is a fun anti-ageing program for mind and body which gives you a gentle workout from the comfort of your chair.
Come and try it and have a laugh with your neighbours.