Physio Mobility Group Class

October 17, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 12:20 pm
Kristen Steele
0412 229 428

Maintaining independent function is critical in preserving our health and well-being as we age.  The capacity to perform basic physical functions is a central aspect of health-related quality of life.  Research has proven that participation in regular activity that incorporates balance, strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility, will reduce the risk of falls, improve quality of life, assist in maintaining independence and reduce the impact of age related health risk and disease.

Join Kristen Steele on Monday and Thursday mornings for a 40 minute circuit training class with a 10 minute session on education on a physiotherapy related topic at the end of the circuit.

The Mobility Class is scheduled to run for 10 weeks.  An up-front payment of $100 for 1 session per week or $200 for 2 sessions per week is required prior to the beginning of the first session.  Members of a health insurance provider are eligible to claim at the end of the designated term under Physiotherapy.

Please call Kristen on 0412 229 428 or
email to book a place

The Mobility Class is designed for all levels of fitness, mobility and pathologies, this class is for YOU!!!